Friday, 27 November 2015

I'm back

I have been away from writing for too long, I intend to continue posting about my life as a language teacher, learner and other issues related to linguistics as well as living in Japan.

At the moment the problems which I am having as a teacher here are mainly about getting my students to actually speak in class. I feel that there are a few issues at hand. First, the students have trouble with pronunciation. fortunately, they have not learned the proper pronunciation of English in their high school education. I believe they need a remedial course on pronunciation which will involve a lot of listen and repeats with shadowing exercises.

In addition to this, they need to improve their spoken fluency. There is a lot of thinking time and processing which gets in the way. In the end, the discussions are difficult and they tend to avoid speaking in English, I feel they need more practice in forming sentences in the form of listen and repeat drills or question and answer drills.

I have decided to go through Evan Milners , London Latin course which is on his youtube channel. My purpose is to go through 1- 3 videos per day and do all the practices. At the same time I will do drills from the D'ogue book on latin and after a while start reading some basic extensive reading texts.  I do not plan to dedicate more than 40 mins a day to this study.

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