Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lesson Idea- A Christmas Carol- Ordering a story

I want to share the resources I made for my Christmas lesson. Please read my brief description below and click on the link to get the document
One of the tasks you can get students is to put a story into the correct order. That means you need to cut out about ten or so sentences and give them to the students. Tell them to mix them up and then get them to arrange them together.

I wanted to teach the students a really good Christmas story. Many students are familiar with the story
thanks to Disney!

The story comprised of five parts which I shall irreverently summarise as follows

1) Scrooge is BAD
2) Scrooge sees a Ghost, and gets nostalgic and sad.
3) Scrooge sees another Ghost and gets sad and worried
4) Scrooge sees the last Ghost and gets SCARED
5) Scrooge becomes GOOD

For my lesson I needed to give 10 pieces of paper to 10 groups. I split each chapter into two (sets of sentences) . The total is ten. therefore a group of forty students with four group members each.

I made this set of sentences using some online resources including a fantastic ESL site that gives a simplified version of the story. Plus I used another copy of a summarised version and made this one.

I gave each group an envelope with the stories inside them. They then had to put them in order.
Here is a link the file I used. Please print these out for yourself if you want to

When I did it this year, I allowed the students to talk Japanese while they arranged the story. This was for many reasons.
For an example of a Task Based Lesson where the students must put the story into the correct order, and only speak English, please check out JIMBOS blog here.

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