Thursday, 2 June 2011

Newly Acquired Kyoto-Fu no Yama 京都府野山


Well, being that it is seven weeks since I moved North from my beloved Kishu Province, the tears
that soaked my sleeve have dried. I am settled in my new home. I have befriended the river that runs close-by and feel at peace in this new area.

My location strategically places me close to the old Capital and away from the bawdiness and dissipation of central Osaka. But not too far away!..

I have a new acquisition for my library , a guidebook to the mountains of Kyoto, fittingly called "The Mountains of Kyoto”

This handy little volume contains 58 hiking trails in Kyoto. I had no idea that there were so many mountains in Kyoto. Actually I didn't realise how big Kyoto-fu was in the first place. It is huge!
I have always told people that it is my favorite city in Japan. Now I am going to try visit as many mountains as possible while I am living here.

I am going to start ASAP. This Sunday in fact. I am going to try and climb
Jubusan.  Closest station is Keihan Uji Station. Then I have to catch a bus!

Jubusan is the highest of the mountains in the "Southern Mountain Castle Area"( whatever that is ).In the vicinity, you can see the ancient pilgrimage site of Kontaiji, a Buddhist temple.The course is quite enjoyable... There are quite a few historical places to see on the way apparently.

Will give report on how things go!

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